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Please follow us on Facebook for our live Q&A shows every Thursday at 8pm Central Standard Time to start your learning journey and get to know Jeremy!


Private Lessons  $100 Per Hour 

We will work on a sessions by session basis. Book your private lesson (RIGHT NOW) with Jeremy by clicking on the picture!

Board & Training

    3 Week 3,600

*All tools including the E-Collar Price Not Included 

        With our unique board and train program we are able to service the entire state of Wisconsin and surrounding states. Our board and ltrain program has proven to be one of the best dog training programs in the United States. No matter how severe the dogs behavior, we are sure the board and train is the solution. We can take dogs from highly leash aggressive, to off-leash reliable and from very fearful to confident. Majors Academy is often the last stop or last chance for many dogs. What makes this program so unique is that we enforce real-world dog training during your dogs stay with us. We feel that many training opportunities are missed if your dog is staying in a training facility or warehouse such as garbage lurking, digging, counter surfing, food begging, doorbell reactivity, jumping on furniture or neighbors, fence fighting/chasing and even potty training.

      Your dog will actually get to spend 24/7 in a nice and comfortable home environment that boarding facilities cannot offer. Dog socialization is another huge part of our program, so if your dog is human or dog aggressive they are all welcome. On top of it all, your dog will have fun learning with us! You, the owner; will be able to effectively and confidently communicate with your dog by knowing and executing all the basic commands with ease. It's time your dog became the loving and obedient pet you always knew they could be! Inclusion in our everyday lives is the best reward we can give our pets!

Watch This Video If Considering!

*After purchasing this program your dog will be eligible for a LIFETIME of FREE private lessons and can attend our Saturday group classes free of charge for the remainder of the dog’s life!

Specific, but not limited To: Puppy Training- Manners - Leash Pulling Leash Aggression - Crate/Separation Anxiety - Nervousness - Behavior Modification - Jumping - Nonstop Barking - Chewing - Digging - Door Charging - Human Fear/Aggression - Dog Fear/Aggression - Therapy Dog Foundation Training - Obedience Training  


Results from our Board and Train

Zues The Human and Dog Aggressive Pit Bull

E-Collar Off Leash Demonstration 

Door Charging Territorial Aggression

How - To E-Collar Video

Human Aggressive German Shepard

Herm Sprenger Collar



Separation Anxiety 

Seminar/Staff Training

        If you would like Jeremy Majors to come to your city or state for a one or two day seminar please feel free to contact us for details.

     (We serve rescues, humane societies and training companies.)


       Subjects covered:

         -How To Handle Aggressive Dogs (kennel protocol)

         -Fear-Based Aggression

         -True Aggression

         -General Obedience Walk -Duration Down/Stay/Place


         -Prong Collar

         -Behavior Modicfication

What people are saying

"I wanted to thank you so much for the training! Our staff just loves you and now we see how much we can learn everyday!" - Amy (Fox Valley Humane Association)

"We learned a lot of great information about dog behavior and training methods that will help our fosters continue to be successful with the foster pups they bring into their homes. One of the most critical parts of our mission is human education and we're thrilled to have the opportunities to work with the amazing network of professionals that we have. Thank you to Jeremy Majors and his crew for a great learning experience!" - Fetch Wisconsin  Rescue - Madison, WI

For more information please contact us: majors

Shadow With Jeremy


     Hey folks we are now accepting enrollment for our Shadow Program starting in February 2017! For 3-5 days, work side by side with Jeremy, immerse yourself and learn his unique training system. If you are a trainer looking to improve your skills with difficult/fearful dogs and want to learn more about the business side of the dog training industry, then you should enroll in our shadow program. 

     Do you love working dogs but hate working with people?  In addition to Jeremy's experience dealing with difficult clients he also has a communication degree from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.  This allows him to enjoy working side by side with anyone he chooses to work with. We will cover how to strategically pick/attract committed clients to avoid burnout along with keeping clients motivated to maintain consistency.  Learn Jeremy's unique way of achieving balance and happy compliance with fearful/aggressive dogs that come from a variety of sizes and temperaments. Learn the skills in order to safely and humanely work with dogs that have a bite history or a tendency to bite. You will learn how to socialize dogs without fights and how to introduce dogs to strangers without barking, biting or growling.

Subjects covered:

         -How To Handle Aggressive Dogs (kennel protocol)

         -Fear-Based Aggression

         -True Aggression

         -General Obedience Walk -Duration Down/Stay/Place

         -Social Media (How to Grab Clients from all over the U.S.)


         -Prong Collar

         -Behavior Modification

         -Muzzle Conditioning

         -Separation Anxiety

         -Puppy Training 101

         -Dog Social Work

         -How to Break up Fights

         -Client "Teamwork" Protocol


         -Bite Work Fundamentals

         -Dealing with Difficult Clients (Client Communication)

         -Booking  (Clients) Two Months in Advance


*Spots fill quickly and we only host two people per month.

*All programs are fully customizable and usually range from 3-5 days.

Price: 3 Days - $480 5 Days - $800 We will work from 10-2 everyday.


For more information please contact us:

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