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What is "Balanced Training?"


Balanced Training generally means that a trainer incorporates both positive reinforcement and correction based training into their training programs. In summary balanced trainers use the most humane, and progressive methods with the welfare of the dog in the forefront of any approach.


 Frequently Asked Questions_ 


What is aggression?


Aggression is a direct result of a lack of an important need, or the addition of an unwanted frequent occurrence. Fear based Aggression comes from the need to control a situation in order to feel safe. We eliminate the need to get aggressive by intervening in those moments of uncertainty. Predatory aggression in dogs comes from dogs with a high prey drive. Becoming the pack leader in our dogs eyes is the most important aspect of dogmanship. Aggression is also genetic so be  sure to evaluate your future puppies parents.


What makes you different?


The biggest difference is that I produce results in short time. Happy compliance is what we strive for. I rely on the real world to help train the dogs mind to get used to the things she will come into contact with back in her environment. I attempt to duplicate her home turf as best I can painting a mental picture to help overcome stress, aggression, nervousness and fearfulness that may challenge her in her environment. Then it's about working/coaching owners post training to teach, maintain, and refurbish the newly acquired skills. Dog training is like trying to lose or gain wait. It must be maintained and is a lifelong process.


What is the reward for the dog in your training?


Simply put, the reward is inclusion and free of stress. Our dogs should not be living on a day to day basis having to deal with high levels of stress. Rather it be storm anxiety, crate anxiety, leash anxiety or separation anxiety it isn't healthy for your dog to exist in that state of mind. What we offer is the ability to include your dog in more of your life activities such as taking your dog to the park, your favorite restaurant, knowing that she won't jump on anyone, lies down on her place when you are eating, and when guests come over. Giving your dog the freedom of off leash walking taps into the migrating drive as they would do before they were domesticated. We will not only give your dog that freedom but will provide the comfortable feeling for you knowing that every time you call your dog to come back to you, they will do so.


What are the benefits of treadmill training my dog?


First of all it's a great physical and mental exercise for her. However, the treadmill should be a supplement to the walk, and NOT a substitute. If you have a young rambunctious dog that starts off the walk being very difficult to maintain a good heel then I would suggest 15 minutes on the treadmill before your walk. Treadmill training can be great for nervous or fearful dogs. Usually these dogs have certain triggers that are followed by a thought pattern that starts turn like a fast wheel. The treadmill provides the perfect opportunity to break or slow down that vicious thought cycle, and allow for something else to take its place such as walking. Therefore desensitizing the dog to whatever is triggering that nervous, or fearful thought process. Click TREADMILL to see the video.

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