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Tucker - Ethan

Jeremy does an amazing job working with both dogs and the biggest project (us as owners). Our Pit Bull (Tucker) spent 3 weeks with Jeremy using his Board and Train program. My Wife and I were at our whits end with dealing with some behavioral issues that had developed in the past 6 months. All I can say is I truly wish I went to Major's Academy sooner. He is extremely informative and educational when posed with the various questions that we had. He was able to cut through the 95% of malarkey that's found on google in reference to raising a dog properly, which gave us the clarity we were looking for and wanted so much. He continues to work with us even after the program was over showing his extreme dedication to both his job, and the sincerity he has for working with animals (dogs). We will also continue to work with Jeremy the rest of our dogs life (and if we have dogs to come) as we are confident in his ability to accurately assess, connect, program, and apply a fantastic curriculum and structure. I would recommend Jeremy not just as a 'Last Ditch Effort' but an Immediate guide to setting a solid foundation for both owners and their dog companions to live happy lives together.

Dozer The Human Aggressive Rottweiler

     "5 Stars is not nearly enough!! We sent our 3.5yo unaltered male Rottie, Dozer, to Jeremy for human aggression(he would let no one including family members near his human mom) & overall obedience as he was extremely stubborn & bratty. Although we had some doubts because obedience classes & other private trainers had failed him/us, we remained optimistic that Jeremy could help with him. To our surprise, the dog that we picked up 3 weeks later was a completely different dog! Jeremy was able to break into his iron-clad brain & make Dozer actually want to behave & do good! He is now doing great at home as we continue with his training ourselves, since Jeremy gave us the tools & confidence to move forward & is always available to help when we need tips too. Words can never thank Majors Academy/Jeremy for believing in Dozer & breaking through to let his true potential come out. We were so blessed to have found you!"

Dusty The German Sheperd

     "I took Dusty for a good walk today and we went past several people at different spots walking dogs, a jogger. a couple in their driveway and a mom walking a baby in a stroller with a little kid on a training bike and not once did Dusty bark, lunge or pull at anything. He was well behaved and if he looked too long I knew how to correct. He was excellent. Now we only need more people to come over to practice at home.Thank you hardly seems enough."

Two fighting Rottweilers Rehab

From the owner of COach and Reggie



     "Two years ago, these two dogs were literally fighting almost every day. They had to be taken out separately on leash for walks. You had to be so very careful when you let one in and took the other one out. They were being separated most of the time in our house. I could no longer compete with my older dog as his whole attitude had gone south. My positive training background had failed them miserably. 


     Then the sh** hit the fan with another fight, and I knew I needed help. I had seen one of those "suggested reading" posts on FB about a trainer in Green Bay, WI who worked with aggressive dogs. So I called him and set up an appointment. And I listened as he explained his balanced training philosophy, the use of e-collars, and how he felt he could help. 
Thanks to Jeremy Majors of Majors Academy Dog Training I have my dogs back!!!!! He not only helped me work with my dogs, but he helped me reset the way I looked at training. How important it was for me to be in the moment, and not be angry. That just because they had an e-collar on did not mean that positive reinforcement could not be used. 
My older dog and I are now back competing in obedience, and in our first competition in over 4 years qualified in all three events we entered. And he never even raised an eyebrow at another dog. 
    My dogs get along. No more separation. No more tip toeing around waiting for the next fight. We walk in heel together as my neighbors smile and wave and keep asking me if I can teach them how to do that. 
And my dogs are playing again. Thanks to balanced training our lives are back in balance. 
The dog with the black and white collar is Coach and the red collar is Reggie. 
Balanced training works."

Brandi - Brooke & Bilal

" Majors Academy was God sent for me and my pups! I live in Midtown Atlanta near Piedmont Park which is perfect for either private or group lessons! Not only do they provide doggy training but hour long walks for when mommy can't make it home and even overnight boarding."



Kevin & Mira - Ponce


    " We were really concerned about the lease aggression that our large male dog, Ponce, was exhibiting, so that's why we turned to Jeremy Majors of Majors Academy. At first, we were a little hesitant of using the prong collar on our dog since we had only used treats and the clicker previously, but in a very short period of time, Jeremy showed us that training Ponce with a prong collar was very humane. Ponce showed major improvements in just a single session with Jeremy and those good behaviors were reinforced in later sessions. Previously, Ponce would bark at every truck, motorcycle, and dog that we would encounter during a walk, but Jeremy was able to train those triggers out of Ponce and provide us with the tools to let Ponce know that we will keep him safe. I have already recommended Jeremy to several of my friends with dogs and I would definitely recommend Jeremy to anyone that wants a professional and caring dog trainer."

Neely & Joe - Lucky

    "My husband and I recently rescued a one-year old female pit bull. She was as sweet as she could be, but had some behavioral issues stemming from her long stint in the shelter.We have used Jeremy's services to work on her socialization, dog aggression, off and on leash training and her behavior inside our home. With each session, we notice a huge difference in the behavior of our dog. Even guests that come over to our house make comments about how well behaved she is now! Walks are much easier and we are much more confident walking her around the neighborhood.In addition to utilizing Jeremy's in-home and socialization sessions, we also use him for boarding. We have had issues with other boarding facilities in the past, and Major's Academy Dog Training is the only place I trust with my dogs. I know they are well-fed, well-treated and being trained in the process. It's a win win for us."

Rita - Abby Grace

"My dogs trust and respond very well to Jeremy. I don't know what we would have done without him! My dogs listen to commands and walk on their leash! Sounds like a small feat but believe you me... it was a struggle for me by myself. Glad I have Majors Academy as my support system!"



Andrea - Gunner & Porter

   " We hired Jeremy to help with some major issue's several of our dogs were having issue's with. We implement the same training technique but really needed the help of a trainer. Jeremy is amazing and CALM and CONFIDENT! He taught us so many valuable things that further helped us,he was a HUGE help. I highly recommend Jeremy and he is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of dog rehabilitation. He can help any dog of any age and size and you and your canine will forever be grateful and better for it! We have had many trainers in the past and we were very relieved to have finally found someone that could help us push through our issues and get somewhere with our training."


Josh - Argos Dogworks

    "Jeremy has a very special connection to dogs that is undeniable. It is easy to see his passion and love for dogs drives him to give his clients the excellent education they are looking for. He has a keen sense for dogs and acute attention to detail. I've known Jeremy for many years and he has taught me a lot of what I know. As a fellow dog trainer, I constantly seek his advice when I am faced with a difficult training challenge. I HIGHLY recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking an excellent canine education and I guarantee your needs and the needs of your dog will ALWAYS be met."

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