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 About Us_ 

Founded & Managed by Jeremy Majors

[ Residing in Green Bay, Wisconsin ]


Since the move in March of 2014, Jeremy proudly serves the great state of Wisconsin. From private lessons to seminars and everything in between, he is here to help educate and save lives!


    Hello all! My name is Jeremy Majors, and I am the founder/owner of Majors Academy Dog Training and Rehabilitation which is a Green Bay, WI dog training service company. I specialize in aggression cases. 17 years of experience working with hundreds of dogs in various dog training/daycare facilities, I am very confident that we can not only rehabilitate but provide the best of your dog training and/or boarding needs. I have worked with world renowned trainers such as Jeff Gellman, Sean O'Shea and Wallace Payne. I am an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a United States Schutzhund Club of America Certified Dog Helper, and a member of the International Canine Association of Professional Dog Trainers. I have also done Therapy work for Happy Tails, Dock Dog Training, and I have volunteered for the American Humane Society training inner-city pit bulls. Lastly, I am a proud T3 (Trainer The Trainers) 5th class graduate.  



     My journey with dogs began in 2006 working at a dog daycare. I felt like I was Jane Goodall when she would sit in the wild and observe chimpanzees. Working at the daycare with the mind set of obtaining knowledge gave me 80% of what I know about dogs.  After a few years of dog day care, I worked at a training facility that was a purely positive dog training company. Working there I often felt frustrated because training a dog in that situation, I didn't feel that what we were teaching the dogs really solved the deep rooted behaviors the dogs were displaying. So I went back to working at a dog daycare and started to take on clients if they requested training. Three months after that, I got involved with an obedience trainer that had a Schutzhund/conformation background. I worked with him for two years and he taught me a type of training that was more dog-to-owner and relationship based. I knew this was the type of dog training I was going to make a career out of. In 2011, I opened Majors Academy Dog Training and I haven't stop training dogs since!

      Knowing that I could help people realize that their dogs behavior is directly connected to what we do and how we live as humans (our habits, mental state, and overall lifestyle) can affect our dogs behavior and well-being, was the part that intrigued and drove me the most. So the opportunity to work with people, establish great client relationships and help dogs at the same time, gave me so much joy and is essentially what led me to know that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my time on this earth. The difference between myself and most other trainers is my honesty with clients and my absolute ability to rehabilitate dogs for the better. I know myself, and all dog trainers alike, should not advertise false expectations. I will not give my clients false hope on what I can do with their dog. I can say with all honesty though, that I will give 110% of my passion, knowledge and skills to each and every dog and dog owner that I work with.


       While I have known for quite awhile that dog training is the career for me, it was at the Train the Trainers seminar I attended that gave me the clearest path forward with my dog training business. I have been blessed to work with some of the great trainers in this business that have given me priceless advice and information, including Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training. One of his main messages was that in order to better your training, you must better yourself as a person stating that; "Dogs respond to you the best when you are at your best." This really resonated with me and I took it to heart. I am continuously looking to better myself, and in return better all the dogs I have the honor to work with. After the seminar I felt (and still feel) like I could take on the world one dog at a time and make it better through my dog training. So, while I hope you give me a chance to work with you and your dog, I can promise that both of you will be happy you did! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read a little about my past with dogs and I hope to see you on the journey forward!

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