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Sev - Scooby


 Being very experienced Pit owners and taken tons of lessons before, we had a big issue with our foster dog who came from a shelter – she didn't know how to interact with dogs! And she was reactive to dogs on or off leash – I think this is how she ended up in those shelters her entire life. But she was a strong willed, stubborn and high energy dog which didn't make the other training methods work! When I reached Jeremy and after he evaluated her the first time, he said that she is a working dog! We had to work her, and this would make her respect us and others… and she would not react but listen to what we wanted! Treats and other training methodologies really didn't achieve this! When we started the training, I was a little scared! Thought that it was tough to ask a dog to obey at this level! But after a couple of lessons, I saw how she changed! It wasn't the rest of the world anymore, it was me and her – on the walks, on the intersections with other dogs etc. She was reading my body to get the signal, if it was the right thing to do! Now me, my husband and I, are inseparable with Scooby along with my other dogs – even when the pest control comes to the house with all his equipment, she looks at us and if we are cool, she goes to love this person… We have come a long way and even Ceaser Millan would admire Jeremy's work if he met him!

Stephen - Dumpy


"Dumpy is an obedient and loving Boston Terrier who has had problems with an uncontrollable and raging aggression towards other dogs. Because his aggression was unpredictable, we were unable to take him to parks or have him boarded. Our vet recommended placing him on antidepressants, but we were looking for a natural and sustainable approach to overcome his aggression. A friend of ours had been taking her dog to see Jeremy and recommended we talk to him about Dumpy. During the first session, Jeremy identified Dumpy's issues and had him playing in a room full of dogs that same afternoon. Over the course of a few weeks, Jeremy taught us how to recognize Dumpy's subtle behavioral queues that can manifest into rage, and he showed us how to correct Dumpy's behavior using positive reinforcement. Jeremy's approach to helping Dumpy was very natural and effective. Since then, we've had great experiences with Dumpy being a social dog, and we even brought a new puppy into our home. We definitely recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking training, behavior modification help, or simply advice about their dog. Thanks Jeremy!"

Amber - Katie


 I came to Jeremy Majors of Majors Academy with a very fearful dog. Kate my one year old pitbull / shar pei mix was scared of everything - people, loud noises, anything that moved, anything that was out of place or new. It was a never ending list. Just a walk down the street was a nightmare for both of us. I had worked with three trainers, we attended group obedience class once a week, and Kate went to daycare a few times a week, but it kept getting worse.In one session Jeremy was able to explain why Kate was fearful and then give me the tools to help her. The change was dramatic. After just a few days of following Jeremy's advice I had a confident happy dog that was excited to go anywhere and meet anyone. And as a first time dog owner I had a much better understanding of what I needed to provide to Kate for her to be happy and to feel safe.So many of the trainers out there are just repeating the same information. Don't pay for that, watch a video, read a book. If you're looking for a real trainer call Jeremy. Jeremy is truly offering advice on your dog and your situation. He changed our life. Majors Academy is amazing. Jeremy helped me work through my dogs serious anxiety issues. I had worked with a number of trainers before Jeremy. I kept getting the same advice over and over and it wasn't helping. When I called Majors Academy I was frustrated and sad. I felt like I was failing my dog. Jeremy was able to quickly identify my dogs issues and give me the skills to help her. I noticed a huge difference after the first session and it only got better after that. I use Jeremy's advice and methods every single day. He changed my relationship with my dog and helped me to understand what I needed to provide to her for a happy balanced life. Highly recommended!

Courtney - Dasher


 My boyfriend and I found a pointer mix who was starving to death and homeless. We took him in, and because of his difficult experiences while roaming free, he has exhibited quite a few issues that have needed to be worked through. He had extreme food aggression, and also extreme aggression towards people (he has several bites on his record). Additionally, he is mostly blind and somewhat deaf, so he is an especially tricky dog to understand and effectively communicate with.Jeremy's dedication to helping dogs is just what we needed to help get our dog, Dasher, on a path to a happy and well balanced life. Because Dasher's aggression towards people was such a problem, we decided to enroll him in the two week board and train program.

     Throughout that time, Jeremy worked with Dasher to properly leash train him. Prior to training, Dasher was extremely difficult on leash due to his vision and hearing problems. He constantly had his nose to the ground and pulled and ran around erratically. He also lunged and barked at people walking by. After the board and train program, Dasher came back to us walking right by our side and not tugging at all. Jeremy also worked with my boyfriend and I to understand the things that made Dasher fearful while on leash so that we could correct that fear quickly before it turned to aggression. Additionally, Jeremy spent time helping Dasher become desensitized to some of the triggers that caused him to act fearful and aggressive, including people approaching him when he is on leash and the sound of large trucks.

     One of my favorite things that Dasher learned during his time with Jeremy was the "place" command. This is wonderful because whenever we need Dasher to stay out of our way or leave us alone for an extended period of time, we put him in place and he knows that he must remain there until we release him. Dasher also learned to sit and look at us to wait for permission to do several things, such as go through a doorway or eat food that we have put in front of him. I think this has helped us to cultivate a relationship with Dasher in which he knows he needs to obey us and be polite towards us.One of the aspects of Jeremy's board and train program that impressed me the most is his dedication to ensuring that we understand what we, as dog owners, need to do to ensure the best possible outcome for Dasher.

     Not only did Dasher receive extensive training, but Jeremy spent quite a bit of time with my boyfriend and I teaching us how to establish a trusting relationship with Dasher so that he can thrive and become the best dog he can be. Jeremy has been extremely responsive to all of our questions, and has continued to provide support for us even after the training program we enrolled in. There have been a few times when we had questions about how best to deal with specific situations, and Jeremy was prompt and eager to listen to our concerns over the phone and help us formulate strategies for helping Dasher. There was even one night that we were struggling with Dasher, and Jeremy came right over and helped us with it. Jeremy is completely dedicated to helping dogs be the best they can be, and it has been, and continues to be a pleasure to work with him.

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